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LOTRO Announces Middle Earth's Summer fesival!

Sunny days, backyard parties, picnics, fruity drinks with those little paper umbrellas: Summer's coming! We're happy to announce that from June 20th to July 10th, Middle-earth will be celebrating with its Summer Solstice Festival! Each race knows it by a different name: Lithe Festival for the Hobbits, Summerdays for Men, Summerfest for Dwarves, or the Festival of Enedhin for the Elves. No matter who's enjoying it, the Summer Festival means dancing, drinking, games, and even fireworks!

This two-week-long festival features a variety of quests, vendors, and special events throughout the lands. Be sure to visit all four festival areas - Duillond, Bree-fields Festival Grounds, the Party Tree, and Thorin's Halls - To celebrate! Special vendors will be on-hand to supply festival items like food & drink, pipe-weed, and fireworks. This is the chance you've been waiting for to finally get your hands on some special Elven Fireworks! What would a festival be without dancing? Meet up with a Dance Leader who will teach you new, race-specific dance moves. Soon, you'll be dazzling onlookers with your smooth dancing techniques that show your Summer Festival spirit!

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News source: Lord of the Rings Online

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