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Lots-a-hardware reviews Round-Up

There are a few Hardware reviews today, so i have rolled them all up into one post for eveyones convenience :)

Triplex Millennium Silver GeForce4 Ti4600 Review

T-break News has finished up the review for this amazing looking GeForce4 card that comes in a silver briefcase with a glass top. Here's a bit from the review:

Fashion has hit the hardware industry hard. Gone are the days when all PCBs were green in color and all packaging was white. "Making it look good" seems to be the trend nowadays with manufacturers making their products on red, black- even purple PCBs and selling them in shiny boxes with translucent covers.

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GeForce4 MX440 Review

3D Spotlight has got a review fo the GeForce4 MX440.

It [GF4 MX440] represents one of NVIDIA's latest middle range budget oriented Graphics cards. This particular card we'll be testing today at 3D Spotlight will be eVGA's take on the GeForce 4 MX 440.

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Hands on with the PDA-killer Sony P800

The Reg (US) have taken a look at the Sony P800

when Walt gets to see the Sony Ericsson P800, we recommend that the demonstrators bring along a team of paramedics. Although the Treo and the P800 are functionally similar, our first impressions of the new Ericsonny device leave the Treo looking like Dilbert's secret Elbonian recipe for mud (that's soil and water, by the way). It's far from perfect, but after several years of looking at smartphones, the P800 has the kind of potential to break out of the geek ghetto, and one that leaves us even more convinced that today's PDAs need to evolve dramatically, and fast.

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Laser Etched Window Kit & Lazer LED Review

hardCOREware.com sends word of a new case mod.

CrazyPC has a cool new window mod that will give your Rig a customized look that goes a step further than a regular window, but with no extra effort. The Lazer LED throws off a nice hellish glow, and lights up the etching in the window quite nicely. Check out our full review as we bring you through the entire installation process, and we'll tell you about some potential errors new users may come across with their first window kit installation...

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