Lots of Windows Phone fans want a Back button for Windows Phone 8.1

A few days ago, a report from Paul Thurrotts Winsupersite page claimed that Microsoft was planning to remove the physical Back button for the upcoming release of Windows Phone 8.1. The report, which said Microsoft is doing away with the button because users "dont realize what theyre doing" when it is pressed multiple times, has yet to be confirmed or denied by the company.

However, that hasnt stopped lots of Windows Phone fans from joining an online protest, hoping to keep the Back button alive. A post on Microsofts official Windows Phone forums that allows people to vote on feature suggestions has generated over 330 votes, as of this writing, for Microsoft to not remove the Back button for Windows Phone 8.1. Some of the comments in that forum thread include one from "Dev Jaykrishnan", who stated:

I get that some people dont get how to use the Back Button. Dont disable it though. Itll look awkward for those of us who have older models to have a non functioning button. Make it an option to disable it in the settings ! Please dont make it a mandatory feature!

The forum thread isnt unanimous, however. One anonymous posted suggested replacing the Back button functions with the "charms" menu from Windows 8. Another posted, "Joseph" states, "Dont let polls of the internet people restrict inovation (sic) (see xbox one drama)... ditch all the hardware buttons for better swipe gestures."

Source: Microsoft Forums via WMPoweruser

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