Lumia 710 shows up on Nokia's US web site

Nokia's just announced Lumia 710 smartphone may not be sold here in the US for a few more months, but that isn't stopping Nokia's US division from promoting it well ahead of its release. The front page of Nokia's US web site is showing the Windows Phone 7-based phone and it also has a page where people can type in their email address so Nokia can give them more info about the smartphone.

A more detailed Lumia 710 web page gives US citizens a chance to learn more about the phone and the Windows Phone 7 operating system, proving that the Europeans don't have to have all of the fun (although there's no odd TV commercials to be found). It plays up the fact that it will have access to the mobile versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 and Microsoft Office. It also shows how users can swap out different covers on the phone, also proving that it's not about what's inside but what's on the outside that counts. The page gives no indication of a launch date nor what wireless carrier will be selling it.

But where is the Lumia 710's big brother, the Lumia 800? Nokia chose not to showcase what is perhaps the more notable of the two WP7-based devices that Nokia revealed today. We would have thought that Nokia would want to show it off as well, especially with its 8 megapixel camera and its 16 GB of storage (the Lumia 710 just has 8 GB of storage). This seems rather strange and we hope this doesn't mean that the Lumia 800 won't make it across the Atlantic to join its little brother.

Image via Nokia

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