Lumia 900 32 GB version to be sold soon

Could we soon see a 32 GB version of the Nokia Lumia 900 on some store shelves? That's what a new Twitter message from the wireless carrier O2 Germany claims. The company claims that a listing on its website for a white 32 GB version of the Lumia 900 is not a typo.

Nokia has never indicated in the past that it would release a 32 GB version of the Windows Phone device. At the moment, no one can buy anything but the 16 GB model in three different colors. The message from O2 Germany didn't indicate a price tag or a launch date for this new version.

The Windows Phone device was also shown as sporting 32 GB of storage in an image Twitted by "XB-Mod" of an O2 product listing. So it would appear that Nokia does indeed plan to give smartphone buyers more model choices than just different colors for the Lumia 900.

The big question: Will this new model, with double the storage of the current Lumia 900, make its way to US shores and if so what price will it have? The 16 GB model sells for just $99.99 (with a two year contract) via AT&T.

Via: WPCentral
Source: O2 Germany Twitter page

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