Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S III in low light camera test

An image is worth a thousand words but when that image is dark and unrecognizable, it might be discounted in value. One of the compelling features of the Lumia 920 is the camera and its low light performance which was recently put to the test against Samsung's current flagship Android device, the Galaxy S III. 

A video was pushed to YouTube recently that shows off the Lumia 920 camera against that of the Samsung Galaxy S III in a low light performance test. Even if you don't understand what the individuals are saying, you can clearly see the results at the end of the video.

The Lumia has noticeably better performance with higher contrast and visibility. A sample consistent spot to focus would be on the posters on the walls where you can see more detail on the Lumia 920 than that of the Samsung Galaxy S III.

It will be interesting to see how Samsung responds to the Lumia series with its next gen devices as the S III will be over 4 months old by the time the Lumia hits the shelves in late October or early November. 

Watch the video above and let us know in the comments what you think of the of the image results.

Thanks for the tip Elmer Fernandes

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