Lumia Windows Phones to get BBC iPlayer app soon

UK residents love their TV and they also love being able to watch their favorite BBC shows on the BBC iPlayer service and its corresponding mobile apps. Now it looks like owners of Nokia's Lumia devices will soon be able to get their own version of the iPlayer app. The Inquirer reporter that, according to a Nokia spokesperson, the BBC iPlayer app should be available to download for Lumia phones in "a few weeks".

The report is scarce on details but it sounds like the launch will be at least a timed exclusive for Lumia owners in the UK, although the time period for that exclusivity has yet to be announced. Since its launch as a web-based application in late 2007, the iPlayer has expanded to support iOS, Android and Blackberry smartphones, along with the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 game consoles.

Nokia has already announced plans to offer timed exclusive Windows Phone apps here in the US for Lumia users; earlier this month, the company announced deals that would allow Lumia owners to download apps for companies like Groupon, AOL and ESPN.

Source: The Inquirer

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