Mac OS X Lion will be made available primarily through the Apple App Store

As anticipated back in March, Mac OS X Lion will be distributed primarily through the app store, reports Apple Insider.

Apple has not set a release date for Lion beyond a ''summer 2011'' window. TechCrunch and other tech blogs have speculated that the updated OS could be ready in time for Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference, reportedly set to take place June 6 through 10. Apple Insider also reports that "Apple has promised that this year's conference will showcase the "future" of the Mac operating system, and will be an event developers will not want to miss.."

In February, Apple released a developer preview of OS X Lion which while rough around the edges, gave the wider user community a first look at some of the features to be included in the OS. With Lion, Apple will aim to bring an iOS-like experience to the desktop, including expanded multi-touch support, home screens with app groups and full-screen apps. Users already running Snow Leopard 10.6 will have the chance to purchase the upgrade through the app store.

Apple's Mac App Store will also be integrated into Lion allowing users to buy and download applications in the same manner already possible for the iPhone and iPad.

AppleInsider’s sources also claim that a version will be available on physical media for those without broadband connections or limited transfer caps.

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