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Mac users set to receive Picasa

Google is planning to release a beta of the popular photo editing/viewing program Picasa on the Mac today.

According to Jason Cook from Picasa the features you will be seeing in the beta will be the most of the features you currently see in the Windows version. They are going to try to implement more features like geotagging in the coming weeks.

The question is how many Mac users will use the program? Picasa think the fan base will be big with many Mac users requesting the program, "We have many Mac users, and we think they'll be excited about this. It makes the Picasa Web Albums experience better" said Cook. With the massive surge of Photo Editing on the internet people are turning away from installing programs onto their systems for the ease of use, but there are still a majority of people that like to edit using a proper program with powerful editing tools.

According to the makers, the program will be different from iPhoto but will not affect the program in any way, you could edit an image in Picasa but it will remain the same in iPhoto and if you rate something in iPhoto, Picasa will read it but don't expect iPhoto to reciprocate.

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