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Macedon joins Persia as the second civ coming to Civilization VI in upcoming DLC

As promised in the previous announcement, today Firaxis has revealed the civilization releasing alongside Persia to be Macedon, both available as part of a double civ DLC pack arriving at a later date for Civilization VI.

Alexander the Great is leading Macedon with the 'To the World's End' leader ability, which reduces the rate of loss for amenities due to war weariness. Wars that are drawn out over long periods can now be a useful tactic for draining enemy resources.

The nation's unique ability is Hellenistic Fusion. When conquering cities, you get bonuses depending on what districts were built in your targeted city.

With it, this civ brings a replacement for the default Barracks building, the unique Basilikoi Paides. Each time a military unit is trained within a city, this building yields science . There are also extra benefits for a few units that are yet to be revealed.

Macedon is special when it comes to its unique unit, as the civ adds two of them: Swordsmen replacement Hypaspist, and Horsemen replacement Hetairoi. Although tough to pronounce, both are powerful upgrades to default units. The Hetairoi heavy cavalry is faster, and comes with a free promotion, while Hypaspist gains combat strength when besieging districts, as well as additional support bonuses.

All in all, with war focused abilities, the new civ could certainly be a nuisance if played well. Firaxis is yet to reveal the release details for the double civ DLC and the upcoming free Spring update. However, keep in mind that Civilization VI Digital Deluxe Edition owners are getting the DLC for free, while regular edition owners can purchase the pack separately.

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