Macs and viruses -- are we as safe as we think?

Windows users live under a constant threat of attacks from writers of viruses or worms that exploit security flaws in their system. Outside of the annoyance of receiving infected e-mails, however, Mac users are immune to such problems. Or are they? MacCentral recently spoke with leading Mac anti-virus software publishers to find out.

Awareness fuels software adoption

Brian Davis is sales manager for Intego's North America operations. Intego is the company behind VirusBarrier, a Mac-only anti-virus software application. He said his company has seen steady growth in its anti-virus software sales. "Industrywide, these virus [attacks] are tipping people off that they need to be concerned about their security," said Davis.

Intego is largely focused on the consumer and small business market. Those environments place the emphasis on keeping Macs protected upon the individual user. Companies whose products are aimed at corporations also acknowledge the trend, however. "I think some of the viruses we had in 2003 made system administrators more aware of where infections are coming from," said Network Associates Inc.'s Candace Worley, product manager for their McAfee Virex software. .Mac users are familiar with Virex, which they receive as a free software download, but Network Associates' own sales efforts have been focused on the corporate, or enterprise, market.

News source: MacCentral

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