Macs get America's Army

America's Army -- the first person action game that serves both as entertainment and a recruitment tool for the United States Army -- is coming to the Mac, as MacCentral first told readers in May. The Web site dedicated to the game noted that the game is finally ready for release this month. (America's Army had originally been planned for a June Mac release, but it slipped a few weeks.)

The Web site noted that America's Army v1.7 will be available for download from links on the site's own downloads page. America's Army plans to serve up the software via the Akamai service, which Apple and other companies use to help distribute the load of high-bandwidth downloads and services, like QuickTime movies, for example. The Web site advises keeping an eye out for a "Mac Attack" later this month.

America's Army, rated T for Teen by the ESRB, enables civilians to experience what it's like being in the American military. Players progress through Basic Combat Training at Fort Benning, learning how to use the tools of the trade and acquiring the skills needed to participate in more specialized training like becoming a Combat Engineer, Scout or Special Forces member. You can also go on multiplayer missions with other America's Army players, either Mac or PC-based.

News source: MacCentral

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