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For those not familiar, MacWorld is the convention for mac users. And, as always, has the eagarly anticipated keynote along with it. This is where Steve Jobs dons he black turtleneck and gives us a bounty of new mac goodness.

Among the top items announced:

  • New Apple Browser, Safari. Based on KHTML (not Mozilla!). Touted to be the fastest browser available!

  • New iLife product to bundle all iApps as an integrated experience. Includes the new iPhoto 2, iMovie 3 and iDVD 3. To be included with all new macs. iDVD 3 will be a paid upgrade, others will remain free.

  • New Final Cut Express. A cut-down version for the home user that wants a bit more than iMovie.

  • New presentation software, Keynote. Based on new XML-based open format. Costs $99.

  • New 17" Powerbook! Screen as big as the 17" iMac (that's pretty big!) Has backlit keys, new Lithium Prismatic battery technology for 4.5 hours of battery life, improved airport antenna, a FireWire 800 port.

  • New AirPort Extreme basestation. Uses 802.11g for 54mbps speed and backwards compatibilty. Also does usb printing just by pluging in the printer.

  • New 12" Powerbook. Sports a 867 Mhz G4, 256MB Ram, 40GB drive, optional SuperDrive ($200 extra), 5 houts of battery life. Costs $1799.

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View: Safari Beta

View: Keynote

View: iLife

View: Final Cut Express

View: 17" PowerBook

View: 12" PowerBook

News source: MacNN

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