Mailbird for Windows released, offers a Gmail-oriented client

There are dozens of email clients out there, and they've all got one claim to fame or another. Mailbird is another one to add to the list, but it's backed with the expertise of the Sparrow team - you know, the guys who made the now-famous OS X and iOS email applications.

At the moment it's in open beta, but it might not seem that way. You've got to go to the site and enter your email address, then from there you can download the installer. It's strange but when you start the client you'll also get a brief tutorial on how it all works.

It's capable of handling only one account so far, but it isn't completed and we'd expect additional account support in the future. The design is quite refreshing; you'll see a few visual cues from Sparrow along the left-hand side, and a more conventional layout for the rest.

The client seems to be using Mozilla's Thunderbird code-base, for it shares some similarities and mixes in a few UI changes of its own. This wouldn't be surprising since Mailbox does the same. Mailbird allows you to pre-order the Pro version in addition, getting a 25% discount when it arrives.

Mailbird Pro contains all the professional and advanced features of Mailbird, as well as the option to turn off ads and exclude Mailbird branding from signatures.

So far there's no branding or advertising within the program, but this might be controversial to include. Subscription to Mailbird Pro is an annual thing, costing £8.16 (€9.67 / $12.43) normally - but currently available for £6.12 (€7.25 / $9.32).

Take a look at our gallery for a little glimpse at the UI.

Source: Get Mailbird

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