Man gets car turned into ad for free Nokia Lumia 900

What would you do to get your hands on a free smartphone? Someone in Ireland was very willing to have a company turn his car into a roving advertisement for Nokia's Lumia 900.

In a post on the official Nokia blog, a man named Damien tweeted in May: "@nokia I will let you paint my car to Nokia colour and logo for a lumia 900. I am serious. Cheers." 

Nokia decided to do exactly that and this week, the company painted Damien's car with a scheme inspired by the Windows Phone interface, along with the Lumia logo and his own Twitter message that got the ball rolling. Damien seems to be happy with the result, writing 'I have to say that they did a good job on the car." And yes, Damian got a white Lumia 900 as well.

We are pretty sure that a lot of you would also offer to have your car painted with a Lumia/Windows Phone design in order to get a free smartphone. Nokia is apparently considering more efforts similar to Damien's car project, stating, "What would you do for a Nokia Lumia? How crazy would you go in order to get your hands on one?"

With Nokia and Microsoft close to officially announcing their Windows Phone 8 products, some lucky folks could get their hands on these future smartphones if they offer to do some "crazy" things.

Source: Nokia blog | Image via Nokia

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