Man gets hard drive with secret Apple Store data by mistake

Apple has not had a good week in terms of keeping its secrets. Earlier this week, one of the company's employees managed to lose an iPhone 5 prototype in a California bar. Today there's a report that a man has gained accidental access to sensitive Apple Store information. The reason? He got a replacement hard drive from his local Apple Store that was filled with confidential documents and video.

As Cult of Mac reports, the unnamed individual brought his faulty Mac to the Stamford, Connecticut Apple Store to be fixed. A couple of days later he returned to the store to pick up his Mac and was handed a hard drive by one of its employees. The man thought at first it was his original Mac drive, however, when he took the drive home and connected it to a USB enclosure to see if any of his files could be retrieved he discovered that the hard drive wasn't his after all. Instead, it was filled with top secret Apple Store information from late 2009 to May 2011. The informant said that some of the files placed on the drive included internal manuals, products layout and videos of Apple corporate activities and store meetings.

Cult of Mac also says that the unnamed tipster offered to sell the hard drive to the site with all of the Apple Store's confidential files. In a wise move, the site refused that offer and even recommended that the tipster return the hard drive to Apple. So far the unnamed informant has yet to respond.

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