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Man to travel in a box while playing Lord of the Rings Online

Traveling across the country can be a horrible experience but one man believes he's got the perfect way to make the trip more bearable. The man's name is Jordan Wayne Long and starting on July 1 he plans to place himself in an specially made shipping box in Bald Knob, Arkansas and have the box, with him inside, shipped to Portland, Oregon. The trip will take seven days to complete.

Long calls this trip an example of his "performance art". But that's not the half of it. Long will be communicating throughout the trip via the Internet but not in way you might expect. Instead of writing a blog, sending out emails or updating his Facebook or Twitter pages he will be using Turbine's fantasy MMO game Lord of the Rings Online to talk to other people in the real world. Long will be playing the game as the character Adanwing and his in-game exploits will be chronicled by another player, Townsfolk.

So why would someone subject themselves to this kind of a vehicle to travel across much of the United States? Jordan claims that on his official web page that this new example of his "performance art" is intended to be a study of "trauma and the mechanisms used to deal with it.". One of our question is, oddly enough, "How does he intend to go to the bathroom in the crate during the trip?". In any case we certainly wish Jordan the best of luck on this certainly unique version of a road trip.

Image via Jordan Wayne Long

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