Man uses Xbox to call for help after being bound in robbery

Microsoft markets its Xbox 360 console as many things – such as a gaming device and entertainment hub – but apparently it's also a device that can be used in the event of an emergency. At least that's what a Pennsylvania man found after he was bound in a home invasion.

Derick Shaffer was already playing the gaming console when he heard someone enter his house through the front door, his father, Skip, told The Tribune Review. While Derick Shaffer suspected a family member had simply come home, when he looked downstairs he found it was actually "an armed man wearing a ski mask." That man then bound Shaffer's arms and legs with duct tape and zip ties after putting a gun to his head and made Shaffer show him where the family's valuables were located, according to a police spokesman.

After that, the home invader fled the scene in Derick Shaffer's car and Shaffer went back to playing video games as if nothing had ever happened. OK, just kidding – he actually used his Xbox Live headset to ask the friend he had been playing with to alert the police.

"Who'd have thought Xbox could save you?" Skip Shaffer told The Tribune Review.

Source: Tribune Review via The Associated Press

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