Many technology industrials lost in hijackings

Reading this rather sad story at cnet, I think it is relevant, us being a technology site and all. Our thoughts are assuredly with their families.

Daniel Lewin, Akamai's co-founder and chief technical officer, was on board American flight 11 bound from Boston to Los Angeles, the company said. That was one of two planes that crashed into and destroyed the World Trade Center's twin towers in the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history.

Paging and wireless messaging service Metrocall said Wednesday that its chief operating officer, Steven "Jake" Jacoby, was killed on American Airlines Flight 77 bound from Washington to Los Angeles when it hit the Pentagon.

MRV Communications, a maker of network infrastructure systems, said on Tuesday that its chief financial officer, Edmund Glazer, was killed when the jet he had boarded crashed into the World Trade Center.

Other victims who perished on the hijacked flights that crashed into the World Trade Center include four employees from Raytheon Company, a Lexington, Mass.-based defense and aircraft technology manufacturer.

These are a very few compared to the losses that we may not be able to count for some time. RIP all of them.

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