Many Windows Phone users cannot download apps [Update]

It's looking like Microsoft has been hit with an issue that is preventing a number of Windows Phone owners from downloading apps from the Windows Phone Store. Online reports indicate that the people affected by the issue are seeing the error code 805a0193 instead.

The error problems have been reported on sites such as WPCentral and Engadget, so it seems to be pretty widespread. There's no word on what the error code that's been generated by the devices actually means.

In terms of online services, the Xbox Live status webpage seems to show that service is up and running, so whatever is causing this Windows Phone app downloads problems, it doesn't seem to be related to Xbox Live.

The northeastern section of the U.S. did get hit with a massive blizzard today that has caused massive power outages in that section of the country. Maybe a server that handles Windows Phone app downloads has been affected by the power issues. In any case, we hope these problems are fixed by Microsoft in the very near future so that smartphone owners can return to their download activities.

Update: It looks like the download problems have now been fixed.

Source: WPCentral and Engadget | Image via Microsoft

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