Many YouTube gaming channels getting flooded with copyright violation warnings

Some of the most popular channels on YouTube are devoted to game coverage, with some having millions of subscribers. Now it seems many of them are getting hit with a flood of copyright violation notices this week that could shut down these popular outlets for good.

VG247 reports that, according to one unnamed YouTube channel that generates over 6.7 million video views a month, the copyright notices are coming from a company called IDOL, a music distribution firm. The source stated:

YouTube flipped a switch 2 days ago and it seemingly matches any copyrighted footage (seems to be game audio) with their music library and then gives out content ID claims. IDOL is a company that distributes many individual music companies, which is why they’re linked to many of the claims.

So far, IDOL has yet to comment on these reports. Many game publishers such as Capcom, Codemasters, Deep Silver and Ubisoft have already posted up word on their Twitter feeds that the content claims are not coming from their end.

The situation for YouTube-based gaming channels could get worse in January. VG247's source claims that channels that are labeled as "Managed" by YouTube and Google will be exempt from all content ID claims when the new year begins but the label will be reserved only for the biggest channels on the site. Other channels will be considered as "Affiliate" and could have to go through an approval process to get their videos accepted. The source claims, "Summary: 99% of YouTube gaming channels will die soon."

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