Maplin Electronics thinks it's PC to smoke

MAPLIN, THAT high street hawker of bits 'n' pieces for the electronic hobbyist, has during the course of the last few years, increasingly been making some good money out of PC components and peripherals. When considering its prices, this may surprise some of the keenest on-line buyers, but as one supplier has repeatedly told us Maplin's purchasing volume has, of late, sure seemed "impressive".

Today the Maplin marketing munchers have puffed out a real corker and announced, "The world of case modding just got more surreal." Indeed, who are we to disagree? Basically what those good guys and gals are doing is punting a Cigarette Lighter that is designed to fit into a PC. The spin says: "The Cigarette Lighter works in exactly the same way as an in-car cigarette lighter. It connects to the computer's power supply and fits in a standard 5.25 inch drive bay. The device can then be used to power numerous appliances, such as vacuum cleaners, kettles, toasters, fridges, charge mobile phones, and yes, it lights cigarettes too. It's an innovation that could spell the end of the frustration of losing a lighter, and for non-smoking computer enthusiasts, the beginning of tea brewed by the power of your PC. Launching just in time for Christmas, all modders out there will want to put this at the top of their list to Santa.

Will this product be called the CancerCaddy(tm)? Anyways, it will apparently be available in all Maplin stores by the beginning of December and ownership is priced at around three packets of fags in the fleecing UK, or £14.99 inc. VAT to you guv. A lot of techs and tech hacks smoke as well as drink [As does this one -Ed], and along with an illuminated USB Christmas Tree, we're looking forward to seeing one of these in our Christmas stocking too...

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