March Launch for PC Blu-Ray Drives

Samsung Toshiba have announced that their PC drives will be ready for launch in March. The company stated that the backwards compatible drive will read both DVD and CD formats as well as Blu-Ray. Richard Aguilera, western regional sales manager for optical disc-drive products at Samsung said "The first technology will burn Blu-Ray, but only read DVD and CD disks."

Drives with the ability to burn DVD and CD formats will appear in the second wave of drives, which is expected to be released between April and August. Aguilera gave his view on the adoption of the technology saying "First, you'll probably see the technology pop up in storage applications to replace tape technology, and you're likely to see the technology used by the telecommunications and the financial markets before you see it built into PCs."

As prices begin to fall it is expected more PC manufactures will include Blu-Ray into their PC systems.


News source: Information Week

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