Market share: Windows 7 up, OS X down, Chrome up and IE down

Statistics that measure Internet browser and operating market share were released today.  The statistics, as measured by, can help predict trends for the coming year and offer insight into consumer adoption.

The statistics, which compare January 2010 to February 2010, have not been reviewed by Quality Assurance but, in recent past, have proven to be generally reliable.

Microsoft’s Windows platform gained from 92% to 92.12% percent while OS X fell from 5.16% to 5.02%.  Windows 7 made a gain from the previous month growing from 7.57% to 8.92%, XP dropped from 66.15% to 65.49%, while Vista also dropped from 17.47% to 16.51%.

The modest gains for Microsoft show consumers are adopting Windows 7 and have not turned away from the platform like many did with Vista; OS X also saw a small drop in market share which may be attributed to Windows 7 being accepted by many consumers.

On the Internet browser front, IE was down from 62.12% to 61.58%, Firefox dropped from 24.43% to 24.23, Chrome gained from 5.22% to 5.61% , Safari dropped from 4.53% to 4.45% and Opera dropped from 2.38% to 2.35%.

Google has been pushing its browser hard and as the product matures, it may be able to take more market share too.  Although, as one commenter pointed out, consumers seem to be replacing Firefox with Chrome, which goes against the trend of switching browsers to get away from IE.

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