Marvel Heroes MMO releases first gameplay trailer

With The Avengers becoming one of the biggest movie releases of all time, will a MMO game set in the Marvel Universe be as successful? Gazillion Entertainment hopes so. Today, the company released the first gameplay trailer for its game Marvel Heroes, which will be a free-to-play PC title.

A press release from Gazillion offers up some more details on Marvel Heroes, which will allow players to take on the roles of the over 8,000 established members of the Marvel super hero universe. This is in contrast to DC Universe Online, which was launched by Sony Online in 2011 and only allowed players to create their own original characters to "help" the DC Universe super heroes.

The MMO will still allow for some customization,  The press release states:

Fans will be able to completely customize their characters by constructing costumes taken from each hero’s rich history, choosing from a huge array of super powers for each character, and finding thousands of other items. There are countless ways for players to tailor their experience.

The game will feature social areas to explore, such as Midtown Manhattan and the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. In those portions of Marvel Heroes, players can meet up with others to form groups and go on missions, along with purchasing in-game items. They will also be able to explore well known Marvel Universe locations such as the Savage Land, Hell’s Kitchen and Mutant Town.

The game itself will be scripted by Brian Michael Bendis, who has written for a number of Marvel comics, including many of the Avengers titles. Marvel Heroes does not yet have a release date.

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