McAfee Boosts Wi-Fi Security

All home Wi-Fi gear comes with the bricks and mortar to put up at least a basic security wall against intruders and eavesdroppers, but McAfee wants to sell consumers a better trowel for building it. The company's McAfee Wireless Home Network Security software automatically sets up encryption keys on Wi-Fi routers and the PCs connected to them and then rotates the keys every three hours, according to Stu Elefant, senior product manager for wireless and new initiatives at McAfee.

It will work with older Wi-Fi systems that use the WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption system, as well as current equipment that also supports the newer WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and WPA 2 technologies, he says. The software will go on sale online next week and in stores next month. McAfee's software is designed to keep intruders--either malicious "war drivers" or neighbors who just want to freeload on a broadband Internet connection--from getting on to wireless LANs and from deciphering the packets that travel over the network.

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