McAfee Calls in Google for Anti-hack Drive

Worried about information leaking out through your website? McAfee reckons it has the answer - and it's enlisting Google to do the dirty work. Using a series of special queries, the firm reckons its new SiteDigger software will be able to track down a number of common ways confidential information can make it out onto the wider web.

Details such as financial records, passwords and personal information can often accidentally appear on public pages, the firm warned. It believes its new software will help cut down on the problem. It uses Google to conduct a series of searches on a company's website, flagging up any potentially private information as it goes.

SiteDigger is produced by Foundstone, a division of McAfee. Foundstone's director of consulting, Mark Curphey, said: "While companies have become increasingly vigilant about guarding their corporate networks from break-ins, they also need to be able to account for potential human errors with information inadvertently made visible on the internet. SiteDigger helps companies protect private information that is mistakenly made available through their websites."

View: McAfee press release | McAfee

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