McKinnon Speaks Out About Fears

Alleged British Super Hacker Gary McKinnon has spoke out about his fears of extradition to the US if his appeal fails. Speaking to he described the US as "using a hammer to squash a gnat". "What I did was just unauthorised access," McKinnon said during an interview after the Infosec trade show in London, "I'm ****** off that six months community service has turned out to be 60 years in a foreign jail."

The decision on whether Mr McKinnon will be extradited to the United States will be made on the 10th May, after that he fears that he could simply vanish off the face of the earth, possibly going to Guantamano Bay. Speaking about a trial in the US McKinnon said "This means a secret military tribunal with a military lawyer, no rights of appeal, no rights of public comment and no press. It'll be Gary goes down a black hole and you don't see him again."

The might that the US is showing in this case is worrying to McKinnon who proclaims that he didn't cause any damage. Where physical damage may not be in the question it is reported that he saw secret information on UFOs from the Johnson Space Center's systems. According to McKinnon, the top military brass claim "it's where he's been and what he's seen" that poses the threat.


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