Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead

Back when Medal of Honor: Allied Assault was released, I flagged it as a definite contender for action game of the year. And in the months since Allied Assault was released, a lot of other games have entered the running -- from Jedi Outcast to Mafia to Battlefield 1942. But, even as new contenders have risen up to vie for the prize, Medal of Honor still looms large in our minds. Each new game has complicated the decision, to be sure, but no matter how the chips fall, Medal of Honor was a superlative game.

The expansion features nine new levels, three in each of three locations. Starting in June of 1944, the first of these concerns the landing in Normandy. It seems everyone's doing a D-Day level now, but Spearhead just doesn't recreate the content from Allied Assault. Instead of storming ashore as in the previous game, this time you'll be dropping behind enemy lines the evening before the invasion. Your job is to disrupt German defenses and give the boys a fighting chance come morning.

There are twelve new maps for straight multiplayer action, with locations stretching from Holland to Malta. There are a fair mix of urban locations which was something the original game did quite well. The buildings and towns are each as believable as any we've seen in games of this type with a real sense of density and order. Spearhead even includes an awesome Berlin map if you really like your cities. For those of you who prefer less urban fighting, the woody Ardennes should suffice but there are plenty of other, less city-oriented maps.

News source: IGN

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