Medal of Honor Expansion Preview

Featuring a story driven gameplay, and a design that caters largely to realism in locales and weapon behavior, MOHAA became an instant hit amongst PC shooter fans. Its extensive single player campaign featured excellent mission design for the most part (the first few sniper levels were an exception), and the most enjoyable single player experience for a shooter since No One Lives Forever. EALA will attempt to pick up from where 2015 left off with the as of yet unnamed expansion pack to MOHAA.

The pack will of course feature nine new single player levels spread across three different settings. One will take you back to D-Day. While in MOHAA you joined the beach landing at Omaha beach, this time you will be part of the botched US Airborne parachute drop behind the beach the night before D-Day. You'll attempt to weaken German coastal defenses to soften the landing for the amphibious troops. Another set of levels takes you to the snow covered Ardennes forest during the Battle of the Bulge, as the German army makes its desperate counter-attack against surging allied forces from the west. On the final set of missions, you'll ride shotgun alongside the Soviet forces as they invade Berlin from the east. A drive in a T-34 tank may be featured in these missions.

News source: FiringSquad

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