Media Player Classic

The new version of Media Player Classic was just released, fixing a few problems.

  • Fixed occasional crashing with the special RealMedia renderer, and also made it about 10% faster measured on a 2.4GHz p4 (@900kbps, cpu utilization: 40% -> 30%). The fix and the speed-up both came from the change in the video color format. So far my renderer rejected I420 and forced the rm decoder to output in YUY2 (this was causing the crashes sometimes), but now that the renderer is doing this conversion by itself it became much faster, try to compare it with 6430.

  • The file reading functions of the subtitling engine were replaced and now it is possible to use unicode files (utf-8, utf-16le, utf-16be) under win9x/me too. However, since the OS and its controls are still not "unicode-enabled" you won't be able to display or input unicode letters at the subresync bar. Rendering on video works if you have the needed fonts installed. You can get different language support for the OS through Internet Explorer's installer at Windows Update. I have also tested the reading of USF files under win98se and found that a fresh new installation doesn't have the needed msxml support, this can also be updated together with IE or probably with another MS product.

  • Logo stays hidden when switching from one playlist item to another.

  • The "output audio separately" checkbox on the capture bar remembers its state.

Download: Media Player Classic

View: Media Player Classic

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