Meet John McAfee's newest project: Chadder, a smartphone app that provides encrypted instant messaging

John McAfee is no newcomer to security, privacy, or instant messaging. Founding McAfee Associates in 1987, John McAfee released one of the world's first commercial anti-virus software suites. After leaving McAfee Associates in 1994, he went on to be the founder of Tribal Voice: a company that would produce PowWow, which was one of the world's first instant messaging programs. Not slowing down, Mr. McAfee moved on to join Zone Labs, who had then produced the world's first Windows firewall ZoneAlarm.

Without talking about his own brush with the law that required significantly secure communications and privacy, it can be accepted that Mr. McAfee knows what he's talking about, and has a major eye for security and potential growth in software.

Since the release of DCentral1, an Android app that reveals the amount of permissions that may have been unintentionally granted to the apps installed on a user's phone, Mr. McAfee has partnered with a startup called Etransfr and released a new secure messaging app called Chadder.

Chadder uses "key server encryption," which Mr. McAfee says would mean that Chadder's servers do not see the unencrypted message, and only the recipient of the message would be able to see it. Upon further explanation on the app's Facebook page, it is detailed that the messages are encrypted using 256 bit AES (which is what is currently used for SSL/TLS) and the encryption keys are handled by a "3rd party." The post on Facebook explains that it "makes it so [that] the content you send through our servers is only visible to you and the recipients of the message."

“CHADDER is an unprecedented messaging platform. We have developed this highly secure system with an extraordinary  team of developers at the prestigious RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology)“ - John McAfee

Chadder is available now on Android and Windows Phone, with an iOS version to be made available in the near future.

Source: Who Is McAfee 

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