Micro Center offering Windows 7 coupons for $39 and $89

We've just received a note from Neowin reader kilobyte1024 that let us know electronics retailer Micro Center is offering Windows 7 pre-orders for $10 less than the pre-order standard prices.

There is a catch though, you have to go visit one of their 21 US locations to obtain a coupon between today and Sunday. However, once you've obtained the coupon you can then return between October 22 and November 4, after Windows 7 will hit general availability, and purchase your copy of Windows 7 for the reduced price. Meaning you don't have to actually "pre-order" right now, just obtain the coupon and purchase later.

Sounds like a great deal, if you can get into one of their stores this weekend.

As we reported earlier today, Microsoft is now selling pre-orders of Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional at a discount price of $49.99 and $99.99 respectively starting June 26 and going through July 11, while supplies last. Results of the first day of the pre-sale have been very positive for Microsoft and as of 1:30 PM ET, Windows 7 Home Premium, selling for $49.99 has claimed the number one spot of Amazon's software bestseller list, while the Professional edition, selling for $99.99 has claimed the number two spot.

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