Microsoft acquires New Zealand-based GreenButton for Azure division

A month after Microsoft announced a name change for its cloud division from Windows Azure to Microsoft Azure, the company has announced it has acquired New Zealand-based GreenButton to help add some new features to the service.

The announcement was made today on Microsoft's Azure blog, but the specific financial details were not disclosed. It did state:

GreenButton is a leading provider of integrated on-demand solutions that allow customers to manage compute-intensive workloads in the cloud. These solutions are known in the industry for their ease of use. Using GreenButton’s solutions, applications can be cloud-enabled quickly without recoding existing software – and without a PhD in computer science.

GreenButton was first formed in 2006 and now has offices in New Zealand and in San Jose, California. It was already an Azure partner before today's buyout and now Microsoft will be working to integrate GreenButton's solutions into Azure. However, GreenButton won't be taking on any new stand alone customers. In a statement on its own website, it says, "Now together with Microsoft Azure, our endeavor is to further enable customers to harness near unlimited computing power for batch and high performance computing in the cloud."

Source: Microsoft | Image via GreenButton

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