Microsoft adds a bit more flair to Cortana, gives her a few surprises

Microsoft is constantly adding to Cortana, sometimes with backend improvements, but this time it's a consumer-facing feature. The team behind the platform has added a little twist to the usual updates with the "Surprise me" functionality.

If you say to Cortana, "Surprise Me", she will respond with a riddle. The feature, which went live earlier today, is a fun way to kill a bit of time and spin the cogs in your brain too.

This week, the clue is "To a song, I am key, Music is chaos, Without me". If you think you know the answer, head to the comments below.

Along with asking "Surprise Me", if you say "What's Up", Cortana will return a bit of trivia as well. The 'fact' is updated each day, so there is always something new to learn.

These types of features, while not useful with your everyday tasks, do add a bit of personality to the platform and make it more interactive for the user beyond the typical "set an alarm" scenarios. And just so you are aware, this feature works on both the desktop and the phone, which makes sense, as they use the same backend.

If this type of interaction proves to be popular, don't be surprise to see Microsoft expand this type of functionality.

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