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Microsoft adds a number of new features to its Copilot Dashboard for businesses

Microsoft copilot

In February, Microsoft first announced Copilot Dashboard, a new feature for businesses who have signed up to access the Copilot generative AI assistant. Copilot Dashboard lets companies see how their employees use Copilot at work. Workers can also use Dashboard to offer their own feedback on Copilot.

Today, Microsoft announced a number of new features that are either available now for Copilot Dashboard users or will be added in the near future.

In a blog post, Microsoft said one of the new features available now lets businesses see how many hours Copilot has helped their employees over the last 28 days. Speaking of which, Copilot Dashboard can now let companies see a specific date range for data inside a 28-day period (for example, from March 31 to April 27). The service also has added Copilot for Microsoft 365 metrics to custom reports.

copilot dashboard

By the end of July 2024, Microsoft will add six-month trendline views for Copilot Dashboard to its Adoption and Impact pages.

The Adoption page trendline shows Copilot adoption trends across the trailing 6 months, filterable by either # (the number) of Copilot active users, % (the percent) of active Copilot users, # (the number) of Copilot licensed employees, or % (the percent) of Copilot licensed employees.

By the end of June, Microsoft will add delegate access to the Copilot Dashboard so that the head of a company can allow, for example, their head administrator, to see the same Copilot user data.

Finally, the analyst workbench in Microsoft's Viva Insights will add both Adoption PBI templates and Impact PBI templates by the end of June. This will allow businesses to get an even deeper look into Copilot employee adoption data and how using the assistant has affected how they do their jobs at work.

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