Microsoft and NYPD team up to fight crime

The current hit TV show Person of Interest centers on a person who has created a computer system that can analyze information taken from tons of surveillance cameras. The computer system then tries to predict if crimes are going to occur. Now it looks like Microsoft has helped to create a technology service that has some similarities with the fictional computer in the TV show.

A new press release from the New York City government's office has announced that the New York Police Department has teamed up with Microsoft to launch what they are calling the Domain Awareness System. The press release states that it " ... aggregates and analyzes existing public safety data streams in real time, providing NYPD investigators and analysts with a comprehensive view of potential threats and criminal activity. "

The press release says that the Domain Awareness system can be used to give fast alerts for suspicious packages and vehicles using products like smart cameras and license plate readers. It can also be used to track pattern in criminal activities, find out where a car associated with a suspect has been in the city and more. Microsoft is planning to sell this new law enforcement technology service to other cities; the NYPD stands to get 30 percent of all sales of the Domain Awareness System.

Source: press release

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