Microsoft and the Cincinnati Reds, a match made for Cooperstown

Microsoft and the Cincinnati Reds are not two entities that you typically would pair together. On one hand, you have one of the most conservative teams in baseball who recently clinched their division title, and Microsoft, a massive technology powerhouse who can help statistics loving teams, become more efficient.

The Reds recently discussed their use of Microsoft products and platforms and have been able to take advantage of many of the services that Microsoft offers to increase their knowledge base around teams, players and even fans who come and watch the games.

Ticketing Kiosks using Windows Embedded

In a feature story that Microsoft has put together to demonstrate how professional sports teams can benefits from Microsoft solutions, the Reds have demonstrated that by moving from third-party systems to an in-house Microsoft solution, they can see the entire picture around their business model with a solution that is dynamic and customer driven.

Of course, baseball has become a major battle of statistical wit and the Reds are capitalizing on that front as well. As Scouts move from laptop to tablets, the Reds have built a tool that allows all of their scouts to collect the data and be able to dynamically display the content to fit any general managers needs. Brian Keys, the Vice President of Technology Systems for the Cincinnati Reds had the following to say:

“Our scouts and all of our minor league affiliates submit information through the Access database on hitting, fielding, pitching, whatever the players do,” Keys says. “We parse the data and send it to the GM in the format he’s asked to receive it. He can access those reports either through a SharePoint Web portal, or here on site through the application itself.”

If you are asking if this new technology is working out for the Reds? It certainly is, as they have one of the best records in the Major Leagues and are headed into October on a high note. 

View: Microsoft and the Cincinnati Reds feature story

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