Microsoft announce five new Kinect games

Yesterday it wasn't only the new Internet Explorer 9 that Microsoft announced but also five new Kinect games for the upcoming Kinect accessory for the Xbox 360. There had not been substantial talk of Microsoft announcing any more titles other than the original 15 titles for the hands free controller.

The five games are all from Japanese developers and will not be available immediately when Kinect launches.

The five new games are:

Codename D – Little is known about this game but it comes from the developers who made Killer 7 and No More Heroes. Engadget are reporting that they saw a character holding a flaming baseball but not much else; the gameplay is largely unknown.

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor – This game comes from Capcom and follows on from Steel Battalion, not much else is known at the moment.

Project Draco – Engadget believe this game involves riding dragons and as the game progresses more impressive dragons can be ridden. This game comes from Grouding.

Rise of Nightmares – Again, little is known about this game however it appears to be a survival horror game that Sega will be bringing to the Xbox 360.

Haunt – Another horror game which Engadget call “goofy”. This one comes from NanaOn-Sha and Masaya Matsuura.

(There is only one video trailer online at the time of publication)

Whilst not being ground breaking games, they could offer very compelling and innovative game play through Kinect and are perhaps some of the most interesting Kinect titles announced so far. However, with so little known about these games it’s difficult to form an opinion on them.

The games mark a departure from the cartoon style of the previously announced Kinect games, but they will not be available with the launch of Kinect.

Kinect goes on sale on November 4th in the US for $149.99 and November 10th around the world (for £129.99 in the UK and $199.99 in Australia).

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