Microsoft announces free Kinect PlayFit app

So let's say you are playing a game with the Kinect add-on for the Xbox 360 console. You are waving your hands or moving your body around while you play, for example, Dance Central. Chances are you feel a little tired after all of that activity. You may be wondering exactly how many calories you have burned while playing a Kinect game.

Today, Microsoft announced that Kinect players can find out that information, and a lot more, with a new and free app for the Xbox 360 called Kinect PlayFit. The app should be available to download today.

Over 12 Xbox 360 Kinect games will support Kinect PlayFit at first, with more to be added later. Microsoft states:

The dashboard lets players view their daily, weekly, monthly, and overall calorie burn totals, and Xbox leaderboards offer the chance to compare progress with friends and the overall Xbox LIVE community. Players can also earn up to 20 Xbox achievements, including bonus avatar awards, and post them on Facebook.

The free app should be an interesting extension for Xbox 360 gamers who may want to lose a few pounds while also dancing the night away in Dance Central or using the Force to take out enemies in Star Wars Kinect.

Source: Microsoft press release | Image via Microsoft

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