Microsoft AntiSpyware vs Messenger Plus! Round 2 - KO

Just over a month ago we featured a story regarding recent changes to Microsoft Antispyware.

In the spyware definitions of August, the latest definitions for Microsoft AntiSpyware detected the actual Messenger Plus exe as Spyware. This caused a big debate over whether Microsoft should be detecting MsgPlus as spyware or the optional C2 LOP spyware bundled with the application's installer.

We're pleased to hear that the latest definitions on 23rd September have addressed this issue. After a petition was made and our story highlighted the issue, the software giant seems to have listened to the public's concern about the unfair definitions and has changed them.

Patchou (Messenger Plus! author) hasn't received any official comment from Microsoft regarding the changes.

Messenger Plus! is a freeware application that adds extra functionality and features to MSN Messenger.

View: Neowin: Original MS Antispyware vs Msg Plus!

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View: MSN Messenger

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