Microsoft Application Termination Reporting Beta Program

The purpose of this program, unlike most betas, is to augment the reporting capabilities of your existing Windows XP SP1 operating system to allow us to study Application Termination failures. The results of this study will be used to improve future versions of Windows.

We want to improve the ability to terminate and restart an application that is unresponsive (a.k.a. "hung"). Windows XP improved on previous versions of Windows, but there are still some types of hangs that we don't fully understand. When you attempt to terminate an application that won't close (using the End Program dialog), this update will collect and report additional data along with the standard information when you submit error reports to Microsoft. The results will help Windows and application or driver writers to improve their code.

It is important to note that the update does not "call home" nor does it collect any personally identifiable information without your permission. If you are prompted for and agree to send additional information, we will include your BetaID along with the report. This will enable us to contact you in order to request further help, if necessary.

News source: Beta Place

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