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Microsoft: Bitlocker key to safe disk disposal

Microsoft claims that businesses planning to use Vista together with its Bitlocker hard drive encryption technology will have an easy and safe way to dispose of their hard disks.

The software giant said on Tuesday that Vista will be so secure that businesses will no longer need to worry about data being compromised when hard disks are sent for disposal, in line with upcoming "green" legislation designed to reduce waste.

"With Vista and Bitlocker, businesses will be able to throw hard disks away and be sure (they are) secure," Nick McGrath, head of platform strategy for Microsoft UK, said at Infosecurity 2006.

However, McGrath rejected suggestions that Bitlocker would have backdoors in its encryption that will allow police forces to decrypt information stored on suspect systems.

"The technology itself is 100 percent secure--we will not be producing any backdoors," said McGrath. "There are no backdoors in Bitlocker technology."

News source: News.com

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