Microsoft brings the community mentors application to Teams

Screenshot of Microsoft&039s community mentors application in Teams for desktop

In 2019, Microsoft announced the Community Mentors mobile app for Android and iOS to help users gain access to mentorships right on their mobile device. Today, the company expanded that application to desktops.

Microsoft announced today that the app is available on Teams, allowing users to gain access to knowledge shared by mentors. On top of letting users find guidance in real time, the community mentors app also allows them to build new connections. For mentors, they can invite new members onboard.

Screenshot of Microsoft&039s community mentors application in Teams for desktop

To get started with the tool, you can simply click on the three-dot menu at the bottom of Teams' left-side navigation panel and then look for Tribute. When the Tribute app shows up, you can simply add it to your list of apps. You'll need to log in first to the Microsoft Humans of IT community in order to access mentorships.

The Tribute app comprises seven tabs. There's Chat for messaging and Discovery to find specific mentors by their name, network or skill. There are tabs for Mentorships, Community, My Learning, and Profile as well. Under Profile, you can download a report where you'll be able to keep tabs of how many mentorships you have attended or view the feedback from your mentee and mentors.

Microsoft hopes the new app will result in improved "collaboration, learning, and productivity" among team members.

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