Microsoft can't apologise enough for EU Surface delays

Users across the world have finally started to receive their Surface pre-orders on October 26th. But as people in America and Australia started to post comments on message boards about how nice the device was and how pleased they were it arrived, UK and European users have not been so fortunate to get their device(s) on the promised date.

Well now Microsoft is looking to keep the wolves at bay by offering an official apology, wrapped up in a €50 ($64.50/£40) gift card, redeemable at Microsoft’s online store. Complaints from customers started when emails arrived stating that their devices wouldn’t arrive until November, then that they would get it on time, but ultimately nothing arrived on the 26th. Microsoft has said not to worry.

We are aware of the issues related to Surface shipments, and are working hard to get them delivered to customers as quickly as possible. Customers will be notified via email as soon as their order has shipped and will be offered a €50 gift card for their inconvenience. We sincerely apologize for the delay.

Queue the “this won’t happen to the iPad Mini shipping” argument from the Apple contingent.

Although some users are taking it in their stride, making jokes and sending some playful banter Microsoft's way.

At least Microsoft is aware there is an issue and addressing it with more than just a token gesture, without being pressured by the customer(s) either. Bravo Microsoft.

Source: AllThingsD | Image courtesy of GeekWire

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