Microsoft chose the name Cortana after it leaked and received positive feedback

It's not everyday that we hear Microsoft talk about leaks in a positive way, but for the the Cortana team, the leaks provided positive reassurance about its name. Marcus Ash, a program manager for Cortana, has taken to Twitter once again to give a bit more insight about the Cortana name.

In a post late last night on Twitter, Ash said that based on feedback after the name leaked, the team became confident in its branding and ran with it. The rest is history as Cortana is now the brand name that Microsoft has chosen for its personal digital assistant.

While we know that Microsoft does not love all the leaks that make it outside the walls of Redmond, the leak of Cortana appears to have had a positive impact on the product. 

It seems quite obvious that Microsoft would listen to feedback about features that are leaking, but this is one of the rare times that the company has admitted that the leaks have had a positive impact. While we seriously doubt Microsoft would ever intentionally leak something, it does show that it's not always a bad thing when private bits hit the web.

Do our loyal readers think Cortana is a good name? Or should have Microsoft gone with something different?

Source: Marcus Ash

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