Microsoft claims Halo 4 will work with Surface tablet

Is Halo 4 going to be playable on more than just the Xbox 360 game console? That's what Don Mattrick, the overall head of Microsoft's Xbox division, seem to hint at earlier this week.

Venture Beat reports that during a session for the website's GameBeat 2012 conference, Mattrick claimed that the sci-fi first person shooter will work in some way with Surface, the Windows RT/8-based tablet that Microsoft first revealed in June.

Unfortunately, Mattrick decided to leave the rest of the media, not to mention gamers, wanting more. He would not elaborate on what he meant by "will work with Surface" when it comes to Halo 4.

At E3 2012, Microsoft did show off a mockup of its upcoming Xbox SmartGlass app that would allow iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices to offer extra features for games. In Halo 4, Xbox SmartGlass was used to, among other things, offer gamers more information about the Halo universe.

It's possible that was what Mattrick was alluding to in his address today. It's also possible that Microsoft is planning to offer Microsoft Surface buyers a way to play the full version of Halo 4 from the tablet itself. If that's indeed what Microsoft is going to do, that could make Surface more enticing to gamers.

Source: Venture Beat

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