Microsoft considered Cdrive branding to replace SkyDrive name

When Microsoft announced that it would be re-branding its SkyDrive platform, a guessing game began about what Microsoft would call its cloud storage service. There were obvious choices such as Microsoft Drive and Office Drive, but the company ultimately settled on OneDrive.

One of the names that was considered was Cdrive. Anyone who has used a PC knows that the default drive is nearly always C:, so the Cdrive branding would build upon this idea, and Microsoft even bought the URL Microsoft obtained the rights to the domain in October 2013, and it currently redirects to OneDrive.

It seems obvious why the company went with the OneDrive branding, as it appeals to a much wider audience than Cdrive. Additionally, on devices like smartphones and tablets, the Cdrive idea doesn’t make as much sense. Besides, OneDrive is actually a pretty good name for what the service does and reflects its wide availability on many platforms.

Microsoft likely considered hundreds of names when working on the rebranding, and Cdrive was likely one of many domains the company purchased in anticipation of a potential use for branding purposes.

The history has been written that OneDrive is the branding that the company will use for the foreseeable future, but would you have preferred the Cdrive branding, or do you wish Microsoft stuck with SkyDirve? Let us know in the comments below.

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