Microsoft could be planning a subscription service for all your Xbox needs

Getting into the Xbox ecosystem could be about to get a lot easier if a report by Windows Central is accurate. It looks like Microsoft might be planning a new sort of subscription service that gives customers access to everything Xbox bundled into one monthly payment.

Xbox All Access, as it's being referred to, would be similar to a two-year contract, allowing people to split the cost of an Xbox One console over that period while throwing in Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass subscriptions for good measure. This would effectively give you access to the full Xbox experience, with all the online multiplayer features and a growing library of over 100 games to get you started.

According to the report, paying $22 per month would net you all the benefits of the two subscriptions plus an Xbox One S. If you wanna kick things up a notch, you can pay as much as $35 each month to get the Xbox One X instead, which is not a bad deal. Buying the 500GB Xbox One S, plus two-year subscriptions for Live Gold and Game Pass, would add up to almost $590 at the standard prices on the Microsoft Store, while the All Access subscription would add up to just $528 over the two-year period.

The report doesn't give us a timeframe as to when we can expect the service to be launched if it does turn out to be real, but it could be happening fairly soon. As with most things Microsoft, the offering will go live for U.S. customers first, and there's no word on international availability yet.

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