Microsoft Debating World-Wide MCSE Name Change

Thanks to our very own creamhackered for the heads up.

Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine reports in its July 2001 issue that Microsoft is considering a world-wide revision of the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) moniker.

The article, which appears on page 16 of the issue, says that "Microsoft has considered following suit with IBM and Cisco, both of which use 'expert' in the name of their premier credentials...[Microsoft is] also debating the possibility of revamping the title altogether." Eckhardt Bohme, a certification manager for Microsoft, is cited as the source of the information.

Although it has previously been speculated that Microsoft would change "Engineer" to "Expert" for Canadian MCSEs due to conflicts with licensing boards there, the article is the first time that Microsoft has publicly acknowledged that it is considering changing the name of the title for all MCSEs, or perhaps even scrapping the acronym for something else altogether.

Currently, the magazine's online counterpart,, is conducting a survey to get MCSEs reaction to possible replacement titles. According to Dian Schaffhauser, editorial director of MCP Magazine, the information gathered will be shared with Microsoft.

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